Blooming Spring

Spring is finally here and it seems as if our days in SL have been shortened. The sun keeps pulling us away from the cozy sofa we snuggled up in during cold winter days. I’m ready to exchange my hot chocolate for some ice tea soon, if you ask me.

But I might be getting ahead of myself, today is actually rather cloudy, and therefore I found some time to tell you about all the new things going on around Twosome. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Beautiful Bloom event already? If not, be sure to check it out. A bunch of great designers have created some exclusive items you’ll only be able to grab until the 23rd of April. If you follow this link, you’ll be able to have a peek at all the things being offered in a Flickr pool.

Twosome brings you a floral layer top, which is kind of a sneak peek of what’s going to be released very soon. I might have gone a little nuts with the color choices, but I simply couldn’t stop myself… (click the pics for a better view) These will be available at our stores soon.

And here is a picture of the floral version available throughout the event only. You can pick up all three colors for 150L at our Mainstore in Starlust.

Hope you like these exclusives. Enjoy spring time!

❤ Twosome


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Twosome loves IZUMIYA!

Every time i go checkout IZUMIYA, i have to get something! And that’s okay cause the shop is super-cheap!! My latest catch is this knitted sweater which is available in several colors. They also sell “fashion sets”, and those include a whole outfit!! Most are set at 25L, and they’re worth checking out cause lots of cute stuff in them. One of my fav jackets is part of such a fashion set!  Only one thing left for you guys: TP NOW! They even sell poses & some furniture! (like a cute 1-prim chest!!) Go go go!!!

* Twosome – Sophisticated necklace grey
* Twosome – Square tights grey
* – Lucy2 moody brown
* Izumiya – Beige sweater
* Kloka – Frill one piece (part of dress)
* My Uglydorothy – Nina cat skin

* – (FT) chest
* – (FT) Bedside table
* – (FT) Books for hutch
* Izumiya – White flower tote bag

Poses by Izumiya! 


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New tights at Twosome!

Out now in your Twosome shop! ❤

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Blah this, blah that!

Today was full of blah blah, enough of that!  Now it’s time for another look, with some recent stuff but also some older things… pardon me the dust 🙂

Twosome luvs you!!

* Twosome – Snuggly neckwarmer grey
* Twosome – Dikkesokken blue
* Lelutka:Le.Look – La femme skin Estelle dark brows
* !Ohmai – Catherine blouse gauche grey
* Mezzo – Lace grey armwarmers
* Couverture – Vintage flower skirt
* 69 – Dearest beret hair lightbrown
* Veshi – Lemme borrow yer bag grandma
* Maitreya – Soho boots black

Poses by (pda) !

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Let’s all have a happy weekend!

One more blogpost about Valentine… then we’re over and done with it, we swear!! (at least for a year..) It’s just, so much awesome stuff to find and  buy right now! I hope you’ll all have the patience to finish the hunt on Starlust cause lots and lots of shops are participating in this Valentine hunt. Thumbs up for not too much lag.. Bettie spoiled us with yet another cooking item, we love it and we’re waiting for all the yummy food she’s  cooking for us! Maybe one more thing… heartshaped cookies with some chocolatetopping on them?? 😉

Have a wonderful weekend all of you! ❤


* Twosome – square tights Starlust Valentine item
* Milk Motion – Alice nude freckles
* – Cameron 2 timid brown
* Thimbles – 1983 calling red/gold Starlust Valentine item
* DUBOO – My teddy bear

Pose by *PPP*, Starlust Valentine item

* Twosome – Comfy cardi taupe Starlust Valentine item
* Milk Motion – Alice nude freckles
* Nala – glasses Starlust Valentine item
* BP* – Stewpot Starlust Valentine item
* Tomoto – Flifla (part of outfit) Starlust Valentine item
* DUBOO – Love x love leggings 5
* – Cameron 2 timid brown

Painting by DUBOO!

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Starlust V-Day Hunt

Here’s the second one of our gifts.. wouldn’t be a proper Twosome with only one, would it? :>

I know you’re usually supposed to make something red or pink.. but V-Day this year somehow needs a few more colors I thought, with the winter being so harsh and long. So I simply added some stitched hearts for that fizzy belly feeling.

Pick up a HUD and go hunting! Here is all the info you need.

Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the hunt! ❤

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Valentine’s on the way!!

You might love Valentine or maybe you hate it, but… i’m sure everyone loves a good hunt with lots of free gifts!! The Starlust group is having one of their famous hunts again & it’s starting really soon so here’s one of the 2 gifts you’ll be able to grab at Twosome! The original leggings were for the DU-event, but this is a pinky Valentine version of them! And they’ll soon come in more spring-colors!!

Stay tuned for more Twosome-Valentine-goodies! And we hope you’ll have a good one, even if you hate it! :>

* Twosome – Square tights Valentine edition

* Dutch Touch – Group skin special no2 caramel

* Junwave – Julia l-brown

* Armidi – Keiko dress tunic purple

* !BF! – 60’s wired owl necklace silver

* !BF! – Maryjane flats

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