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Blooming Spring

Spring is finally here and it seems as if our days in SL have been shortened. The sun keeps pulling us away from the cozy sofa we snuggled up in during cold winter days. I’m ready to exchange my hot chocolate for some ice tea soon, if you ask me.

But I might be getting ahead of myself, today is actually rather cloudy, and therefore I found some time to tell you about all the new things going on around Twosome. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Beautiful Bloom event already? If not, be sure to check it out. A bunch of great designers have created some exclusive items you’ll only be able to grab until the 23rd of April. If you follow this link, you’ll be able to have a peek at all the things being offered in a Flickr pool.

Twosome brings you a floral layer top, which is kind of a sneak peek of what’s going to be released very soon. I might have gone a little nuts with the color choices, but I simply couldn’t stop myself… (click the pics for a better view) These will be available at our stores soon.

And here is a picture of the floral version available throughout the event only. You can pick up all three colors for 150L at our Mainstore in Starlust.

Hope you like these exclusives. Enjoy spring time!

❤ Twosome


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Starlust V-Day Hunt

Here’s the second one of our gifts.. wouldn’t be a proper Twosome with only one, would it? :>

I know you’re usually supposed to make something red or pink.. but V-Day this year somehow needs a few more colors I thought, with the winter being so harsh and long. So I simply added some stitched hearts for that fizzy belly feeling.

Pick up a HUD and go hunting! Here is all the info you need.

Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the hunt! ❤

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Blow, blow, thou winter wind…

… we’ll be safe and warm in our comfy Jammies. So you can keep trying to throw your colds, but we won’t catch them!

The Jammies have a flower print all over, and you can choose from 4 colors for the top part. The grey pants are slightly loose and to wear with sculpted attachments, but if you like, you may also wear the included tight version and combine them with some warm boots (for that moment that you have to bring the mail in, or get that cup of coffee and a candy bar just around the corner).

The second item new in our stores is the Lady’s Blouse, which you might have seen in a special color on the Designer’s United event. Now you’ll be able to choose from more colors, and you’ll even get a polkadotted version. Yay for spring, which is hopefully coming soon!

You’ll be able to pick these up at our Mainstore, so enjoy your shopping spree.

❤ from Twosome

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Winter SALE

Twosome wishes you a wonderful Christmas and would like to thank you for all the ❤ and support in 2009 with a 50% off everything Winter SALE.

While we’ll be out stressing, travelling, freezing, baking, cooking, making presents, getting drunk, partying into the new year…, you’ll be able to get everything at our Mainstore at Starlust half price, except individual poses.

Please enjoy, have a very merry Christmas with your loved ones and a happy new year!

Lots of ❤ from Twosome

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Black Market Reminder

It started to snow today! Which reminded me of reminding you to not forget to check out the Black Market Christmas Weeks, during which several Designers are offering some special treats for illegally low prices.

Twosome made some tights and socks, a cute shirt in 5 colors and some Xmas Jammies with a snowflake pattern for you. All of these are available exclusively at this event, and for 50 or less L$, so come and get these soon!

Here’s the ride!

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Christmas Rush

“Once winter comes, head for the hills, where white peaks etch the sky and forests lie muffled under snow as soft as goosedown. Where pinewood cabins nestle in the folds and the scent of woodsmoke lingers in your hair. Where you can hike the trails, ski the powder bowls or just relax in the flickering firelight with the friends you love best.”

Be warned, this post is a little longer than usual, but I puts loads of little pics up for you, so you may skip the text and still know more or less what’s going on…

It’s finally December, and Shelbs and me have been rushing around as if it was the 23rd already. I feel this time of the year is the busiest in both lifes, but also the coziest and most heart-warming – well, as far as I can say for us here in the northern hemisphere. I just love when it’s cold outside, a blue sky gives way for some tickling rays of sunlight and you can see your own breath.

Well, I know, it’s also all about damp socks, cold feet and running noses, because you’re still wearing your most comfy sneakers or ballerinas in the rain and snow. But hurry, get inside and warm by the fire, fetch yourself a hot chocolate and continue freezing in the virtual world.

Talking about socks and warming yourself; Shelbs has been a busy bee and made some woolen knee high socks for you in various colors, an absolute Must-have if you suffer from cold feet just like us – or simply want to match those new dresses with your shoes and need something to cover those bare calves.

So what else is new? Second of all we’d like to bring the BlackMarket’s Christmas Calendar to your attention, which we’re also taking part in. True, usually you get to open one door per day, but since it’s quite difficult to handle all those different time zones, and RL might keep us away from the screen for various reasons, you’ll be able to get some goodies for a whole week from certain designers. After that week, another group of participating designers will offer their items, and so on.

Here’s the poster, click it for a tp to the Black Market.

Something else we did not mention yet is the Gacha festival at Albero. So far we haven’t really heard anything about an official date yet, but you can hunt for our gacha items already in Albero and our Mainstore at Starlust. Here they are…

Then I’ve also put up two new items into our luckychair at our Mainstore. You’ll be able to win the handy longshirt in grey and the snugly neckwarmer in blue if your letter comes up.

Enjoy these pre-christmas goodies, there’s more to come!

❤ from Twosome

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The head and feet keep warm, the rest will take no harm.

It’s raining outside? Your hands and feet are freezing already if you just look out the window? Wanna crawl under a blanket and stay in with a nice cup of hot chocolate?

Out with the Autumn Blues! Twosome wants to help you through the cold times with loads of colorful things to mix and match your wardrobe. These have been out for about a week already, but you know how RL can be sometimes… finally got a chance to post them.


First up are some very cozy woolen tights to keep your feet warm. Granny Edna helped me with all the knitting, bless her.


As for the warm kept head… I aimed for the neck instead. These knitted neckwarmers are fastened with a little leather thangy and a button, and you are free to mod their size. You can buy these seperately and choose from 5 colors, or get them in a pack and save some money.


And here’s something for those gray days – bring some color into them and mix these longshirts with anything you can find in your wardrobe. You could wear it as a shirt, underthingy or even dress! Of course you’ll get these on all layers and as seperates or in a fatpack.

Now put on those rubber rainboots and splash through some puddles on your way down to our Mainstore!

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