Busy week!

I’ve been running all week from here to there and back to here.. What a crazy week! Luckily Newreem made the Supermarket shoes! Those helped me with all that running 😉  Itny from FreshTrash also released new jeans this week! I’ve always loved what she does since !Different, and these jeans took a fav spot in my inventory right away! Love the texture & i love itny for making them! YAY! Now it’s time for the weekend, let’s hope with not that much running around but some more enjoying!! Have a good one all of you…

– Twosome – Lollypopnecklace grey

– =FT – Light Wash Heartbeat jeans
– Izumiya – Fashion set 22, coat
– Surf Couture – Kettle Corn cardigan grey
– DUBOO – Supermarket shoes cupcake
– Clawtooth –  Love cuddles coffee with cream
– Mother’s Goose – Mary skin

And  poses by Bella!! Olive Juice!


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Monday mood.

Yeah, i’m in one of those monday moods… so i figured i’d dress shelbs like it! Dark colors & a cozy sweater to hide my head in 😉 And very important: some extremely perfect boots, i could use these in RL!  That’s all i have to say today, it’s time for my tea now & some yummy cake! MMmmm

Twosome – Leafy sweater
Twosome – Cozy tights, light grey

Tres Blah – Girly chic light pure
DP yumyum – Moccasins boots grey knit
Bombon – Border Skirt
Kin – Maeva brown
mijn.t – [my log has something to tell you] eyeglasses
Decollage – I’m not a plastic bag purple

Poses by LAP

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Yay! It’s weekend!

Yess finally the time has arrived we’re looking forward to all week long! Outside it’s still snowing & cold so i felt like wearing something really cosy and warm to spent a lazy day inside the house!  This knitted sweater i got at Oyakin has to be my fav item i bought this winter in SL!! It’s warm, soft and the colors are matching great! And it goes really well with Twosome’s Dikkesokken, impossible to have cold feet with those 🙂

Okay time for me to read some magazines close by my woodfire…  have an awesome weekend all of you!

Twosome – Dikkesokken grey

&Bean – The light anger manic

Armidi – Metallic tights gold

BP* – Winter eyes blue

Camie Cooper – Blue denim skirt

ETD – Chel caramel

Oyakin – Mohair knit pink

2g – Babouche black

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Shelbs starts digging in her wardrobe!!

Yess…that’s right! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now cause my wardrobe is getting bigger & bigger and in the end i haven’t got a clue anymore of all the yummy clothes that are in there! So! I decided i should at least try to put a different outfit on every time i log in 🙂  I used to change clothes all the time when i first was in SL & now you can catch me wearing the same stuff  for days and yess hmm even weeks 😦   But that’s all gonna change now! And to make it even more fun i’ll work around an item from our Twosome shop! Here’s look 1 for you! Enjoy!

Twosome – A Lady’s Blouse Ruffled white

Tres Blah – Hiccup Light Skin Painted lady
BP* – Winter eyes blue
:Sey – StudsCrownbag
Periquita – Funny girl Flats brown
DUBOO – Granny glasses
MAU’s & MEJ’s – Afro hair
Ohmai – Basics Onepiece chili

And the pose is Willa’s!

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Blow, blow, thou winter wind…

… we’ll be safe and warm in our comfy Jammies. So you can keep trying to throw your colds, but we won’t catch them!

The Jammies have a flower print all over, and you can choose from 4 colors for the top part. The grey pants are slightly loose and to wear with sculpted attachments, but if you like, you may also wear the included tight version and combine them with some warm boots (for that moment that you have to bring the mail in, or get that cup of coffee and a candy bar just around the corner).

The second item new in our stores is the Lady’s Blouse, which you might have seen in a special color on the Designer’s United event. Now you’ll be able to choose from more colors, and you’ll even get a polkadotted version. Yay for spring, which is hopefully coming soon!

You’ll be able to pick these up at our Mainstore, so enjoy your shopping spree.

❤ from Twosome

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Winter SALE

Twosome wishes you a wonderful Christmas and would like to thank you for all the ❤ and support in 2009 with a 50% off everything Winter SALE.

While we’ll be out stressing, travelling, freezing, baking, cooking, making presents, getting drunk, partying into the new year…, you’ll be able to get everything at our Mainstore at Starlust half price, except individual poses.

Please enjoy, have a very merry Christmas with your loved ones and a happy new year!

Lots of ❤ from Twosome

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Black Market Reminder

It started to snow today! Which reminded me of reminding you to not forget to check out the Black Market Christmas Weeks, during which several Designers are offering some special treats for illegally low prices.

Twosome made some tights and socks, a cute shirt in 5 colors and some Xmas Jammies with a snowflake pattern for you. All of these are available exclusively at this event, and for 50 or less L$, so come and get these soon!

Here’s the ride!

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