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August 31, 2009 at 3:54 pm Leave a comment

Well hello there!

It’s been a while, but here are some new goodies you can pick up at Twosome now. We have also revamped the store a little, and hope you will get used to the new layout soon. As there were some requests I am also offering the poses in fatpacks now, which will save you lots of money. But you may still buy them as singles of course.

Pictures and LM after the cut…

It has taken a couple of weeks to through this together, because I so wanted to get lots of people into these ads. And you might know yourself how hard it is to have your friends being online all at the same time.

Ruffly Panties and Socks

Thanks to all of you, Tarissa (who was also kind enough to let me rez various poseballs on her sim and mess with her giant bird), Mia (for her cute butt and loads of awesome furniture for the panties set – we’ll miss you), Vanity (for some awesome poses as well), Jenniferr (or Dorine, as I call her now ;D) and the cute and wonderful Bettie, who stayed up really late to get these done. Oh, and thanks to Travs of course, who lent me his sim for the panties shot and didn’t even peek!

Apron Top

I hope you will have just as much fun as we did when wearing these.

Please take a ride to our Mainstore and pick your favourite color!

❤ Twosome


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Avast Ye! Delayed updates

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