Nikolaus Event

December 13, 2008 at 11:40 am Leave a comment

Hai Twosome-Friends!

Even though blogstats are superlow, I don’t want to miss blogging about our event. And who knows, maybe someone stumbles upon this site and tells aaaall friends.

Twosome is celebrating Nikolaus – very late, though. It’s usually on the 5th late at night when you put a boot out your front door, and over night “Nikolaus” will fill it with treats if you’ve been a good girl/boy. Our Nikolaus came this morning, and if you’re a member of the group, hop on over to our Mainstore and click it to receive your treat at a very low price. And if you’re not a member yet, hurry! Enrollment will be closed on sunday, which is the last day of this event.

Now here’s what you get for your money; 4 colours of the unreleased Nikolaus Socks with sculpted parts in a very cosy knit-texture and some xmassy details.

Hope to see you at our Mainstore in Starlust.

❤ Twosome

Nikolaus Socks Ad


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Updating this Blog Merry Xmas

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